Pump up the compassion.
How one little book made a difference.


Industrial Pump Technology – Treatment, pipe transport and storage of high-density substances

Life can really catch you by surprise sometimes.

Sometimes the surprise is good, sometimes… maybe not so good.
Well my friends, this is one of those golden moments. A moment in time I’m humbled to be able to share with you.

Are you busy right now? Is now a bad time for good news?

One of my roles is to represent the world class pump manufacturer – Putzmeister.
So, I’m constantly exposed to world class technology, engineering, research, colleagues and resources.

It’s nice to have access to the best of the best. Not everyone has that.

In fact, lots of people don’t have it at all. Some just have access to world class problems.

The surprise – how could a somewhat dowdy, complex, precisely distilled pump engineer’s handbook –
help some of those people with world class problems have a better life.


Still with me?
What is this legendary handbook I speak of?

Recently, in my role with Putzmeister, I was honoured to be a conduit in sharing an almanac of optimally distilled and precise fluid hydraulics and pumping lore.

This handbook was published by the Karl Schlecht Foundation and edited by Wolfgang Zey along with the CEO of
Putzmeister Solid Pumps, Dirk Hoevemeyer.


If you know industrial pump technology, you will know these names carry a bit of weight.

Now, not that I carry that much weight, but I was fortunate enough to contribute as a reviewer of the English language version. This is how I came to realise the extraordinary depth of practical content fused into one book of inestimable value.

“Inestimable value you say? Please, tell me more Peter.”

It’s an anthology of research, field experience, precision and creative problem solving gifted to us by some of the most talented engineers around the globe. A rare collection of answers and insights into the world of pumping science.

So rare in fact, only a few hundred copies of this revised and updated journal were ever printed and distributed and then, only to VIP’s. Overwhelmed by appeals for more copies, Putzmeister took a somewhat unexpected step of sheer benevolence to the entire engineering community and has made this handbook freely available.

To everyone!

When a volume of such great virtue and gravitas hits the stands, usually the price of such knowledge and convenience is high. So high, its reflected in the very high price.

Now stick with me folks, this is where it gets good!

Compassion Australia is a not for profit charity that helps thousands of kids worldwide, with world class problems achieve a level of humanity and integrity by providing vital necessities like clean water, access to medical services, immunisation and education.

Now, this is where I’d like to share my personal perspective if that’s ok?

Putzmeister have given me permission to distribute this material for free. No cost or charge.

But when I consider the exceptional value of the content… and the ability that we have to make a difference…

…I thought it might be worth asking for a small contribution to a worthy cause.

So, OK…now you know my heart… read on

Life can really catch you by surprise sometimes.

Yes! For the price of about 5 or 6 cups of coffee,
you can own your very own copy.

A book of inestimable value for
the cost of a small act of compassion.

Just as Putzmeister donated this book as an act of compassion to the engineering community, you too can make a compassionate gesture and purchase this exceptional work for just $29

As I said, life can catch you by surprise. Now you can surprise a bunch of kids (with world class problems) by simply buying a PDF copy of the handbook online.

Life for some kids is grim. Please help Putzmeister, help Compassion Australia, help make a difference to a kid’s life.

Every single cent of your $29 goes directly to a project enabling them tohave clean drinking water, rescuing them from disease and dehydration.

Simply enter your credit card details and your email address and Industrial Pump Technology – Treatment, pipe transport and storage of high-density substances will be available for download.

You will receive two things.


…this 164-page technical masterpiece crammed with everyday solutions to challenges that you face daily as a fluid pumping engineer, regardless of your experience or seniority.


…the knowledge that your contribution will have made an immediate impact on the life and living standard of a small child.

Thank you in advance for your generous spirit. This handbook will not only be of great value in your career but also a reminder of the time that you paused…

…contributed and left a legacy to another.


Peter Beasley Business Development Manager

Australia | New Zealand | Papua New Guinea

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